We Are The Obvious Choice


We have the ability to provide quality construction project management with timely solutions.

The ability to provide quality construction project management and timeliness is what has made Mike Kogan Consulting a trusted partner for many developers. We know the decision to choose a company to handle your construction needs is a crucial one—reliability, integrity, knowledge and experience come heavily into play. Mike Kogan Consulting is known for excellence and honesty in the marketplace.


We know your business has to flow smoothly while we are at work.

At Mike Kogan Consulting, we know that we have to do our job, while allowing you to continue to do your business. Our teams are conscientious and mindful of your needs and those of your guests. Our teams work with yours to make our time on your property as unobtrusive as possible.


Everyone says “On Time and On Budget”, but we really mean it

“Our time and on budget” is a common boast in our industry, but with dedicated teams and our strong financial position, we can deliver on that promise. We have significant buying power—our procurement specialists are able to provide clients with top-quality products at the most competitive pricing.

In addition, we offer turnkey installation of carpeting, tile, appliances and fixtures as well as all electronics and monitoring systems.


We won’t leave you in the dark.

Our Project Management Matrix allows us to communicate all relevant and judicious information to our clients, management and workforce, assuring that we meet established timelines and budgets. The Project Management Matrix also allows us to strengthen our partnerships by providing stakeholders with clear, concise and accurate information.

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