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Hospitality Renovations | Mike Kogan Consulting

Mike Kogan Consulting is focused exclusively on hospitality renovations, timeshare renovations and healthcare renovations. Our mission is to help our clients to increase revenues through well planned and cost effective renovations to their properties while providing minimal interruption of services and impact on the guest experience.
In addition to making your property look good, we make you look good. With a reputation for high-quality client services, we’ll bring your project in on-time and on-budget, while streamlining the project management process to insure that you, your staff and your customers experience minimal  inconvenience.

Mike Kogan Consulting has significant purchasing power which assure our clients of the highest quality products at the most competitive prices – from furniture to fixtures – all conforming or exceed our client’s design specifications.
Project Management
We have implemented project management systems that help track all facts of your job and assure that we meet all established timelines and budgets.
We provide fully turn-key installation of everything from carpeting and tiles to appliances and fixtures, as well as electronics including flat screen TVs and monitoring systems.
Emergency & Natural Disaster Services

We offer comprehensive emergency and natural disaster services, including flood, hurricane and fire.  Our team is ready to mobilize to protect your valuable assets, mitigate damage and minimize disruption of your operations.
Hospitality Renovations | Mike Kogan Consulting